Bridges is the right fit if you or your loved one:

  • Can no longer live alone safely.

  • Depends on others for daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and meal preparation.

  • Needs assistance with walking or is in a wheelchair.

  • Needs 24 hour supportive care and supervision.

  • Needs medication regime management

  • Desires companionship and social interaction.

  • No longer desires or is unable to maintain a home.

Bridges costs are comparable to most skilled nursing facilities

  • There are no upfront buy-in costs or down-payment. Residents pay a one time community fee of $4,500, which covers the costs of transition.

  • 2018/2019 rates for private rooms are $12,000 monthly; companion rooms are $11,700 per-person, monthly. Photos of private spaces here.

  • Most care services are included, please see details of services included and available here, however, a monthly fee of $2,000 is added if Bridges’ clinical staff or the resident’s physician decides that, for safety reasons, the resident requires:

    • the use of a mechanical lift or more than one person to assist with transfers, standing or moving for daily living activities, and/or

    • assistance with eating meals.

  • Bridges also offers à la carte service options, some of which can be covered by Medicare. See details of services included and available here.

  • Most long-term insurance plans cover a portion or all costs, depending on your plan.

  • Bridges does not require residents to commit to a contract for any specific length of stay, nor do we require payment of first and last month rent in advance. We do request 30 days notice if you are making a change in your living arrangements.

Stay Put: Bridges provides all the care for a lifetime

  • At Bridges you can stay in one place with the same caregivers. No worries about being separated from your spouse or moving as you require more care.

  • If you or your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, Bridges provides a particularly supportive environment without unnecessary restrictions or social separation.

  • Hospice services work hand-in-hand with Bridges to keep residents comfortable in their Bridges home, with full care and support.

  • As an Enhanced Assisted Living Residence and a licensed home health care agency, Bridges can admit and care for anyone who doesn't pose a danger to themselves or others.