Arthur McGruder, Executive Chef

Chef McGruder received his formal culinary arts training at Alfred State College.  When he joined Bridges in 2003, Chef McGruder brought his philosophy that food is more than just fuel for the body.  Meal time should be a joyful time that nourishes the soul as well as the body.  Chef McGruder believes food has a way of taking a person back to a point in their life where they long to be.  He will often sit down with residents after a meal and discuss upcoming meal ideas or current events.  Arthur's vibrant personality brings humor and lightheartedness to the table each day.

Jeffrey Morris, Assistant Chef

In his role, Jeff has worked at Bridges to provide residents with comforting food and refreshments since 2012.   Born and raised in New Jersey, Jeff has been in Ithaca since graduating from Ithaca College.  He owned and operated the Northeast Fisherman and the Fisherman restaurant in Ithaca for 22 years and then worked for Franziska Racker Center for 7 years before returning to his love of cooking at Bridges.

Ed Vorhis, Assistant Chef

Ed joined the Bridges team in 2015 and he seems right at home.  His cooking know-how was honed in the kitchens of a local restaurant, a Cornell Fraternity and at another Bridges residence in the Rochester area.  Ed’s sense of humor and positivity make him a natural fit for the Bridges team of chefs.  When he’s not providing nourishing meals to our residents he loves to cook at home, garden and do anything outdoors with his daughter